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April 4 Edit

Shooting "Sign of the Times" Music Video Edit

Harry filmed the Sign of the Times music video in Scotland.

April 7 Edit

Out in London Edit

April 11 Edit

Arriving in New York City Edit

April 16 Edit

In SoHo, New York Edit

Harry was out in SoHo, New York.

New York Rangers game Edit

Harry attended a New York Rangers game in New York.

April 20 Edit

The Graham Norton Show Recording Edit

Harry recorded his performance of "Sign of the Times" and a short interview for The Graham Norton Show at the ITV London Studios.

April 21 Edit

The Graham Norton Show Edit

Harry's appearance on The Graham Norton Show aired on BBC One.

April 26 Edit

Arriving at Gare du Nord in Paris Edit

Harry arrived at the railway station in Paris, France, where he was met by a host of fans and paparazzi.

Fashion credits: Hooded cotton sweatshirt with Gucci print by Gucci. Chelsea boots.

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