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Harry Styles is the debut studio album of Harry Styles. It is scheduled for release on May 12, 2017 by Erskine Records and Columbia Records.

Background Edit

Harry said he set out to make songs he wanted to listen to. After completing the album, he stated that, "in the least weird way possible it's like my favorite album to listen to at the moment – like I love listening to it."[1]

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Production Edit

Harry began working on the album for three weeks at the end of February 2016, then took an extended break from the album to work on the film Dunkirk, before going back to produce the album in July. Harry said that prior to getting involved with the film, he had been stressing about the album, and stated "it [Dunkirk] gave me a chance to kind of completely step away from it and have a real break."[1]
Harry in Jamaica

Harry in Jamaica to produce the album.

Harry and the team spent two months in the fall of 2016 recording at Geejam Studios in Jamaica.[2]

In total, Harry and his team wrote about seventy songs for the album, most of which were "little ideas" and approximately thirty full songs. About fifty were done in Jamaica. One of the songs that made it to the album were written by Harry "a few years ago."[1]

Harry was involved in every aspect of creating the songs and finished writing it in December.[1]

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Track listing Edit

Title Length
1. "Meet Me in the Hallway"
2. "Sign of the Times" 5:40
3. "Carolina"
4. "Two Ghosts"
5. "Sweet Creature"
6. "Only Angel"
7. "Kiwi"
8. "Ever Since New York"
9. "Woman"
10. "From the Dining Table"

Photoshoot Edit

The photoshoot for the album cover was the same one as for the Sign of the Times single cover.

Photographer: Harley Weir
Styling: Harry Lambert
Grooming: Louise Teasdale
Set Design: David White

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For a full list of media appearances surrounding the album, see Media/Harry Styles.

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